How Many ‘Frogs’ Does One Kiss Before You Feel Like You’ve Found “the One?”

I’ve been spending a lot of QT time with my Aunt who lives on the UWS, helping her move things out of her apartment into storage. She and I have been talking a lot about the future (i.e. law school, clerkship, jobs, goals, marriage, kids, the whole sha-BANG). While she adores M and thinks that he is a great person for me (he truly is… he knows when to be there for me and when to just let me come to him when I am ready to discuss something). However she feels like I shouldn’t fully commit myself to someone just yet because I am young. She wants me to date around some more. I have casually dated other guys before… but none of them in my mind compare to M.

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I loved the points that Catherine brought up! Especially having you and your beau creature a date night list categorizing things from casual places to fancy ones. I think this might just be worthy enough to pass over to M.