Friday Food for Thought:

  • On Sunday, I head back to Mount Holyoke to start my first last day of undergraduate school. I feel all the feels.Ā 
  • M is coming today to spend LDW with us and then he will help me move into my dorm on Sunday.
  • Registered for the LSAT which means I need to kick this studying into overdrive.Ā 
  • M had his second interview with a potential employer based on the Upper East Side. It went very well! Next up for him is an excel test and if that goes well (as anticipated) M is off to NYC to have a final in person interview!! fingers crossed y’all.
  • It hasn’t really hit me yet that M may be moving closer to me. While I am excited for him and our relationship, part of me is nervous because this signals to me that I really am becoming a young adult. That idea is both scary and exciting.Ā 
  • I am so not ready to go back to school. Or maybe I just which MHC was in a great town like where I live. I love the whole “where the city meets the suburb” campaign that we have.Ā 
  • My mom got me hooked on the new Cinemax series starring Clive Owen called The Knick. If you haven’t seen it yet/aren’t squeamish watch it now.Ā 
  • I am excited for Shonda Thursdays on ABC. Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder!! Shonda is on f-i-r-e.

Take One

  • Quick Recap for the new comers: My mom told Mr. PA that I Facebook snooped his profile to send a picture to my friend, who I want to hook him up with... Since my mom ratted me out I had two choices option a: dodge, duck, dip, dive and.. duck every time I went to the hospital for the rest of his or my mom's tenure... or option b: to bite the bullet and friend request him. You guessed it, I went with option b. Mr. PA accepted and I sent him a message on Facebook
  • Me: Oh my goodness Kala, you'll never guess who responded to my Facebook message. Mr. PA!
  • K: What did he say?
  • Me: "Ah not at all. We get along really well and i'm comfortable to talk about anything really. I'm out of town this week but I'd definitely be down to meet Mike and hang out with him some time."
  • K: Wait what did you write him? I thought you were trying to set him up with one of your fiends but it sounds like you set him up with Mike for a bro date. LOL.

In Which I am Completely Mortified….

So y’all I feel like I reached a new low…. I Facebook snooped this guy who works with my mom. His name is Let’s call him Mr. Pathologist Assistant (Mr. PA for short since that is what he does) and sent the picture to my friend… who I am interested in setting him up with and my mother told Mr. PA about it. I repeat, my mother told Mr. PA that I a)Ā Facebook stalked snooped his profile b) sent his picture to my friend who I want to set him up with… To say that I am utterlyĀ embarrassed is anĀ understatement. I am pretty sure that he now think that I am a creeper/stalker/insert any other word here. My mom said that when she told Mr. PA, his reaction was pretty chill and not freaked out like I would be. My mom proceeded to tell Mr. PA that she thinks I am more excited about him and my boyfriend forging a bromance than setting him up with my friend. I am excited about both. Mr. PA is new to the NYC/Brooklyn area and if all goes well with Mike he will be moving to the same area soon.Ā Besides feeling totally mortified… so I send him a friend request or avoid him until his tenure or my mom’s tenure at theĀ hospitalĀ is up?

Long story short… Mike summed it up in a run-on sentence that goes a little something like this:Ā It’s ok dear, I’m sure he’ll understand perfectly about how important it was for you to make him and I friends while also matching him up with your bff E and making all these cool plans for his life…… thanks Mike love you too.