Friday Five:

  1. I’ve been to the gym for FIVE days straight and kicking ass (especially in the cardio and weights area). It’s the little things people. But that being said, yesterday I indulged in a twizzler pack and then for my midday snack today I had a frozen Hershey’s dark chocolate bar… Welp, so much for working out. Sorry I’m not sorry…yet. See you at the gym tomorrow and Sunday. #GetItRightGetItTight
  2. Tomorrow I am headed upstate to spend time with M’s family including the argumentative SIL to celebrate A’s 5th birthday! Happy birthday A!! I’m excited to see the kiddos. That reminds me… I need to pack.
  3. My internship is slowly winding down *sad face.* I really enjoyed al the experiences that I had these past two months. I’ve made wonderful connections and learned so much. Now I am in the process of writing thank you notes to all of the attorneys and judges who took me underneath their wings for the past two months. These thank you notes are taking much longer than expected because I want to make sure that they are done professionally, sans grammatical errors, yet sincere. Oye vey. I hope to have these puppies out by next Friday.
  4. Sometimes next week I am meeting with a associate law professor from Seton Hall Law School. It’s crazy to think that this time next year I will be a college graduate and hopefully accepted into a law school. Fingers & toes crossed y’all.
  5. I need a vacation! Or at least I think I do… Nothing to grand because I hate planning things last minute. But I am trying to figure out a nice staycation or something that is within a reasonable driving distance that M and I could do before September. Thus far we looked into the Hamptons, Virgina Beach, Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod and the Outer Banks. Any suggestions y’all? 

Happy Friday y’all. We made it!!

Thursday Thought(s):

How Do You Navigate Your Significant Other’s In-Laws

Sister-in-laws to be exact? M’s brothers are married to sisters… Yes ladies and gents, his brothers are married to sisters which means that they have the same in-laws. Many times I joke and ask M if there is another sister for him. Thankfully not because I love me some M. But… his SILs are a trip. Don’t get me wrong, I love M’s family but sometimes I don’t know what to do. For example:

  • One Friday we went over to his brother and SIL’s house. Their daughters are in love obsessed with the movie Frozen. After hearing “Let It Go” x amount of times I thought I was going to go insane. I vowed never to watch the movie. But fortunately for me, I arrived just in time for Frozen Fridays. M told me that at the B household, on Fridays the girls watch Frozen. Fridays in their household is know as Frozen Friday. Since I love spending time with M’s nieces and nephew, I knew that I was going to watch Frozen at least once in this lifetime. joy.  M’s SIL asked me if I’ve ever seen the move. I simply said no but I have heard the song Let It Go several times and wasn’t really in love with it. I mean I am a 21 year old college student after all… She jumped to the conclusion that I didn’t like Disney movies… But I watched Frozen anyways. After the movie his SIL asked me what I thought of the movie. To me it seems like some Disney movies have a reoccurring theme, maybe I am wrong. I told her my opinion that maybe if I had children or had a sister that I would identify more with Frozen but that it is a beautifully animated film. She got all upset with me… WOMAN it is my opinion you don’t have to agree with it but don’t start an argument with me. After all, I am a future lawyer in training over here… Last time I checked this is America and we are free to think and say whatever we want (within reason). M’s SIL has a sister and has two daughters herself… so of course she identifies with Frozen’s sentimental value. It just does not do it for me. Sorry I’m not sorry.  Luckily, M’s brother came to my ‘defense’ and told her that I am entitled to my opinion. Thanks K! 

I guess I can say our differences lie in the way we were raised. I was raised with Southern values and to respect people or at least agree to disagree…  There are things that I agree with and disagree with that M’s SILs do. That doesn’t mean that I dislike them but sometimes I find myself biting my tongue so that I don’t say something. Or I will sit, smile, nod, or blank stare and flutter my eyelashes. Lord help me this weekend when I go upstate for A’s birthday! Please let everyone be on their best behavior. Amen.

How do y’all navigate through sibling in-laws? Any advice?

So imfeelingrandy tagged me in “Post Six Pictures in which You Feel beautiful” thing, so I went through some pictures and lets see what we’ve got here:

  1. This picture was taken the day after my 21st birthday party at my Grandma’s house. I love this picture because I am surrounded by the two most beautiful human beings and strongest women I know, my mom and grandma. Because of their love, strength, and wisdom, I am the person that I am this day. 
  2. In 6th grade, we took a week-long class trip Vermont. There we learned how to take care of farm animals and embrace nature. Let me tell you, I never thought ‘this’ city girl would ever love nature… but this trip taught me the beauty of the outdoors. So I guess traveling into the “wild” isn’t so terrible every once in a while.
  3. This photo was taken on the last last day of post camp where all the staff tidy up our home base for the winter and next summer cycle of camp. I chose this picture because it took a lot of strength for me to be away from home for 4 months without modern conveniences such as (internet, air conditioning, and a hair salon). My experience being of being a sleep away camp counselor taught me the beauty of learning how to live a simpler life and making long lasting memories with beautiful people with beautiful souls. 
  4. Post gym selfie! I always feel pretty damn good after a long sweaty workout! 
  5. This photo was taken my sophomore year of college at a football game. I love this picture because I managed to do my own hair and makeup successfully! 
  6. These two ladies laughwithmeleelee and kalaj are two of my closest friends. They encourage me to keep going and keep me grounded. Just being around them makes me feel beautiful as they are truly beautiful themselves inside and out. Love you guys!

So there you have it Randy, my six photos. Challenge accepted and completed. I tag: laughwithmeleelee, kalaj, aintnosweetbitch, makeitplainx, wineandglitterplease, and iamtheit to choose six photos in which you feel beautiful.